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C is for not so Curious Cat ;)

cPumpkin joined our family in September 2015. (You can read various stories about him and my other furry family members herehere and here )Never before have I had a cat. Didn’t quite know what to expect, was scared he’d start peeing all over the place (I’ve heard of the cats that would do that!) or pooping into shoes(!!!) just in spite. Conversations I pump1had with cat-owners I knew only calmed me down for a bit. Because – oh yeah, their cats might be just soooo cute, good
and litter-trained, but WHAT IF…

Yeah, those “whatifs” were killing me 🙂

Turns out – Pumpkin somehow was already litter trained (even though as I read in adoption papers, he pump2came to the shelter with his back legs covered in urine 😦 I am trying not to imagine why and how…), and almost never misses 🙂 almost never – because (gross alert!) sometimes chunks of poop sticks to his longish fur and gets out of the litter box… Well, I wouldn’t say it was his fault exactly, but we are on the look for surprises. 🙂pump3

Anyhow – to the topic now. I’ve discovered that the “curiosity killed the cat” saying is a lie!!! WHEN does he have a chance to be curious, if 3/4 of his day he
spends sleeping?? and a good chunk of the awake time – eating? 😀 Huh! Nope. Not curious 🙂

But…. Isn’t he CUTE though? 😀 😀 😀




Niagara on the Lake

This was the second part of our Sunday’s trip. Celebrating beautiful weather AND the Family Day-long weekend, we decided not to spend it at home, but make a trip. Loved every bit of it 🙂

Niagara on the Lake surprised me with its history, cuteness and vivid colours (yes, even in the winter 🙂 ).

img_7595– The Prince of Wales Hotel (Built in 1864, 110 rooms, after few name-changes, under the current name from 1901)

img_7597img_7599– Pineapple being a symbol of hospitality and welcome 🙂

img_7603– the sign was only warning not to be sitting at the “toes” of the seat – due to the danger of falling. But we wouldn’t dare to sit on those 🙂

img_7602img_7604img_7606– we were just walking and taking it all in. Cuteness on every corner…

Leaving, we chose the wine-route, hoping to do some wine-sampling, but no luck, as most of the wineries close at 5pm…

…-well, with this cute one exception:


“The Hare Winery”! Are you kidding me? Of all wineries, this one was open till 6pm 🙂 I seem to recall seeing some advertisement somewhere, not sure where exactly, but the winery just about opened, 1-2 years ago, beautiful brick building, and the hare… Well, for a bunny-lover like me, what more could I want? 🙂


Well. I have a feeling we’ll be back!!! 🙂

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V is for…

v Vacation.

Something I forgot how to appreciate…

When you’re stay at home mom, you’re thinking about it as the time you get to sleep in 😉 Because you do not have to get up early to prep kids to school, you can take it easy, Kids enjoy the lazy pajama mornings as well and everyone is happy.

You do not have to ask anyone if you need a time off to do a family trip.


Now I have to ask for permission to have some time with family… And that kind of sucks to be honest… Someone else gets to have a say in when and if we’re going to spend some time together…

I know,  I know, that’s normal thing, get used to that and all.

Well, I will. 🙂 Just an observation-reflection on the subject…

And our last vacation was so much fun…

Around Lake Superior – Summer Vacation 2015 —> #1. Sudbury

Around Lake Superior – Summer Vacation 2015 —> #2. St. Ignace

Around Lake Superior – Summer Vacation 2015 —> #3. Mackinac Island

Around Lake Superior – Summer Vacation 2015 —> #4. Duluth



S – is for

s Sisters.

Who fought something fierce for first 15 years of their life. We’re talking physical wrestling, scratching, biting type of fights. But stuck together like a wall when facing any “danger” from outside (a six year old sticking up to a 15 year old guy, when he was bullying her 10 year old sister).

4 Years apart, might as well be a world between them…

Everything changed 180 degree, when the older was facing an operation. A 16 years old younger sister realized that the 20 year old might be blind for life… A true life changer. From everyday fighting to best friends within a few days.

And best friends ever since.

Love you, Big Sis.




…by handfuls…


From the earliest times that I can remember, fall meant collecting chestnuts. There were plenty of those, pretty much whichever way I’d chose… Walking to my high school, every day, I’d pick some.

“They are healthy for you” – my Babcia (Grandma) used to say. Although – how and why – she’d not been able to explain. Does not matter now anyways…
“Make sure you always keep them in your pocket!” was another of Babcia’s advises… So much it became engraved in my mind, that I do not even think much when I’m picking them up. I put them in my jacket pocket… and I forget about them. And then, after months or years (I do not throw out my clothes even if  I am not wearing them for 2 years and more. I know I’ll put them on again… 🙂 ), I find them, all shriveled and dry…

There aren’t many chestnut trees here… Or I just happen not to come across any… But this past Thanksgiving Weekend I was able to pick up a few… A handful…