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D is for – Destiny (Beyond #7)


[Long, long time ago (just about 2 years I believe!) I started writing something. Not quite sure what was it to be honest, lets just say simply: a story.

If interested – you can find the previous parts here:

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5#6 ]

… Anise wrapped her fingers around the mug. Truth was the obvious choice for her. Not that she was always telling the truth, she thought with a bit of a regret. But given this choice… She never wanted to know the future. Her friends in high school would go to the fortune tellers, she never went with them. No, she’d rather wait and see… She’d rather believe that nobody knows what’s going to happen… Well, God, maybe, but nobody here, on Earth. She liked to think that her decisions are hers to be made, and nobody should know what they were. Even now – had someone predicted what she’d choose?

She shook her head gently.

‘The Truth, Abe.’ She looked into his eyes. He smiled gently, and started:

‘I have to warn you Anise – it might seem, well, pretty hard to believe. But it is the truth…’ A smallish rabbit hopped to Anise’s chair, curiously tilted the head and reached with his front paws to her lap. Not even thinking about it, she lifted him up and put on her lap. He settled there, visibly content with her decision.

Seeing that Abe’s smile widened and he continued.

“Long time ago, two families came to live on this Island. It looked different here, then. Not just forests and paths, and meadows. The soil was rich and yielding nice crop…” his eyes dreamy, he seemed to have traveled back in time. He shivered slightly and came back “As I said, two families, both with…”

A sudden crash made them both jump. The bunnies hopped off their lap and scattered around the room. Two men barged in.
“Don’t move! Hands up where I can see them!” – yelled one of them.

Anise turned towards the men.
“Mike! Joe!”
Just two jumps were enough for the last one to find himself next to Anise. He wrapped his arms tight around her, surprising them both with that move.

“Are you ok, Anise? What happened? Are you hurt? Did he…” he wouldn’t dare to finish this sentence… Even a thought that something might have happened to her was unbearable.

“No, Joe, I’m perfectly fine.” Anise said looking in Joe’s face. “Don’t hurt him!” She yelled to Mike who was just about to put a pair of solid handcuffs on Abe’s wrists. “leave him alone, he’s a friend!”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Anise. Yes, everybody was surprised, herself included. Friend? Yet there was something special she felt towards the man, she didn’t know… Or did she?

“What’s going on here?” Mike started “Anise, wasn’t this the guy who kidnapped you, dragged you who knows where and…”

“Yes Mike, but honestly I think he was trying to help”

“Some way of helping” Joe mumbled under his breath.

“Can we just let him talk? And then you can decide…”

Mike didn’t  say anything to that, just stared expectantly at Abe.

The man smiled gently, and continued: “Both families were poor and in awe of the beautiful land they could call their own. They were brought there by boats, and the people that dropped them off, said they will find everything they need in the log cabins. The also said they’ll be back, but the families didn’t think about it much.
The Rock family had 2year old twin boys, the Forests – second family – 6 months old twin girls. They were very happy, each in their own house, with nice piece of land between them. Land which they started to cultivate the moment they came in. And they came prepared – with seeds of fruit and vegetables. Soon they discovered there were quite a few fruit treas on the island as well. They were happy here for a few years. Then the tragedy happened… Some men dressed in strange uniforms, armed up to their teeth, came in, tied up the parents, and stole one child from each family…”

“No!” a scream came out of Anise’s throat.

“Were they those people that dropped them off?” Joe asked Funny how he also felt like there was something familiar about Abe.

“All they said they were following orders. Didn’t say whose orders… The girl was about 3 years old, and the boy almost 5. The attackers left as quickly as they came. They left instructions behind, pretty short, that were saying that they are not to try to find the kids if they want to keep them safe .Both families were in deep shock at first, but then that’s what brought them closer together. Of course they attempted to leave island but after each try the whispers were more present, and they aren’t anything nice. The kids grew to love each other, but there always was an empty space in their hearts…”

“That’s all nice story Abe, but what does it have to do with us here?” Joe asked.

“I’m getting to it Joe” Abe smiled slightly as he answered.

“How do you know my name?” Joe asked again, looking at the man suspiciously.

“I know a lot about you… But let me finish, and believe me – you’ll understand.
One day the kids, well adult now, came back from a long walk around the island, only to find their log cabins empty, their parents missing. They knew the story of the kidnapping of their siblings… Found another note in one of the cabins, saying that their parents will be safe as long as they do not try to look for them. It also said there will be someone who will be helping them from now on.”

“Let me guess, and that some one is you?” Mike asked sarcastically.

“Yes. I was on this island from the moment they first landed here… my rabbits and I were here from the beginning… ” Abe’s voice was changing into a dreamy whisper… The whisper that sounded so familiar…

Joe looked Anise and noticed her eyes were closed. She seemed to be dreaming or thinking about something, her fists clenched. Suddenly she opened eyes, looked firmly at Abe and said:

“Was that… Were they…”

Abe stood up and put his hand on her shoulder.

“Yes Anise. Those people you saw there, was that young couple, that was left on the island.”

Joe looked sharply at Anise. Her face was white as a sheet of paper.

“Are we… And them… and us…” She couldn’t find any words.

“Yes. They were your siblings… You are the kidnapped twins… And you came here to find your destiny…”



B is for…

bBeyond… #6

Long, long time ago (just about 2 years I believe!) I started writing something. Not quite sure what was it to be honest, lets just say simply: a story.

If interested – you can find the previous parts here:

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5


Is it the same cabin?’ – a crazy thought shot through Anise’s head. ‘Impossible. I walked and walked, probably for hours!’ She looked around… there was a man sitting on that same chair, that was tipped over… or was it a similar house? But then how many log cabins can there be on this little island???

‘You’re safe now’.

Anise jumped and a little scream slipped out of her mouth. The man had very gentle voice. And very warm smile. The unkempt hair was long and seemed to be connected with the beard, all in the same, dark brown shade, speckled with single gray hair. He had a big white rabbit on his lap.

Seriously, what’s with those rabbits?

The man pointed at one of the chairs, inviting her to sit down.
‘It’s okay. Don’t be afraid. I meant no harm. But it wasn’t safe for you to be here before…’

All of a sudden she felt tired, and thought that sitting wasn’t actually a bad idea… Anise looked at the man with questions in her big,calm eyes.
‘But those two…’ she started, but stopped immediately. How was she to ask about the two bodies in the cabin… And was it the same cabin they are in now?

The man got up of the chair and went to the far corner of the room they were sitting in. It seemed as if that was the kitchen corner, with a little wood-burning stove in the middle of it. He took the kettle of the stove and poured the water into two mugs. As he brought them to the table Anise was sitting at, she saw there was something written on them. Carefully the man put the mugs in front of her. ‘Truth’ and ‘Future’ – that’s what was written on the mugs.

‘You have to make your choice, Anise’ – the man said.

‘How do you know my name?’- Anise asked, too surprised to be scared.

‘Can’t tell you before you make your choice’. The man’s voice was very gentle but firm at the same time.

‘Can you tell me your name? Since you know mine…’ Anise didn’t plan on bargaining, just thought it was only fair, since he knows her name…

‘My name is Abe.’

Why does this name sound familiar? Where have she heard it before?

‘Do I know you…?’ she whispered.

‘Your choice, Anise’ Abe persisted.

She looked into his eyes as if she’d expect to find the answer… There was something familiar in them… She felt strangely safe in his presence. Couldn’t explain why, but she had the impression she knew him forever…

Anise looked at the mugs again and reached her hand…


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all sorts of beautiful…

I’m running, I’m reading.

And I’m working.

Lots is happening.

I’m missing writing though… Stories are buzzing in my head… All those I never finished – the Beyond series from last year… (Beyond… ; Beyond… #2 ; Beyond #3 ; Beyond #4 ; Beyond #5 …), story I started for NANOWRIMO…
Haven’t written a poem for ages…


Being responsible, working grown-up sucks sometimes…

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U – is for

uSo they called him a Unicorn. 

Not for his appearance of course – he was as much human as any next person you can see on the street.

Nor did he had any unusual abilities – unless you call reading an average of two books a day something special… (Nowadays? Are you kidding me? We live in the times of TV/PC/iPad/you-name-its. Maybe reading is unusual actually…)


Wherever he went, his presence radiated that special warmth, that went straight for the hearts of anyone around him. The warmth that, in turn, was spreading from the heart to every bit of one’s body… Right to the fingertips. And the person couldn’t help but smile. Not a fake, glued to the lips, polite smile. Nope. A very contagious, warm and cozy one. The one that, in turn, spreads further and is passed on everywhere, in the bus, in the coffee store lineup…


Unique as well as very rare…





Here I come, Nano!!!


Like I wrote before – I signed up for NaNoWriMo. That means that I’d make the most serious attempt at actually WRITING a book. Joined/registered at the site, so this is official business now…

So… What did I do so far? In the means of preparation?


IMG_2349aI got a cat.

What? Haven’t you read any of the bios of the cozy mystery authors?? Some 90+% of them have at least one cat! Or are close friends with one! Having a cat is, like, a MUST or something.
So I have (OK, it is a family cat, but haven’t it been for me – we’d not have him. There. 😛 ) Pumpkin.

Though who actually HAS whom here is still debatable…

If even my Husband lets him sleep on his own DESK? Why, lets wait a few weeks and I bet my morning coffee (yeah, that’s how certain I am!) that Pumpkin will possess  his OWN computer AND desk…IMG_2338a

BUT Pumpkin still is not allowed to sleep in any of our beds 😀 That’s how tough I am! Huh! (For how long more? Huh? 😛 )

Anyways. So I have a cat.

I also have two main characters.

And a vague idea of a plot.

Some back stories that I’d like to include…

…And I am scared.

Make it double scared…

First – I’m scared that I will not be able to finish, that the idea will turn out to be too big for me…

Second – I’m scared that I will finish… and it will turn out to be a pile of crap…


Even if so…

…I’ll still have the cat, right…?

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IMG_0188So… what just happened? I mean – did I really not write for 4 days? Should I blame it on the vacation and kids-at-home kinda thing?
Or maybe it is too hot to think?
Or maybe I just needed few days off? 🙂

Something is brewing there, in my head, ideas like tiny sparks show up here and there. I am not good at writing them down though. Which is a shame… or maybe not necessarily. Somehow they sound better in my head, then when I write them down… Lack of practice? Experience? Probably. Will it ever change? No idea.

So for now a good cup of coffee and a book to read.

Que sera, sera 😉

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Busy days – or when the life happens… ;)

Few down days, when nothing makes sense. Did not write Beyond #3. Did not write anything at all. Inspiration got choked by the need to clean the house for a double-whammy Sonnyboy’s BD party. Parties I should say. Friends-Saturday and Family-Sunday parties. Cleaning to do, baking to make. Some (2) Birthday cakes, which I don’t buy anymore. Cookies. Baked doughnuts. Yum.

Kids party exhausting but simple. There has to be pizza. There can be no cake it turns out, but pizza is a must. And chips. Nothing healthy in that, but that’s their party 🙂

Sunday. The cooking. For a few years now I learned to prep the meats ahead and freeze it. Saves lots of time on the day of the party. So a few salads, mashed potatoes. Veggie platter. Fruit. Prepped ahead, put on plates, because- hey – if I’m making a party I want to be in it too 🙂

So now to wake up that inspiration.

I hope I’ll be able to return to Anise and Joe and find out what happens next…

p.s. and btw – I’m visiting Ula today 🙂 You can read a little bit about poetry in my life HERE 🙂