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Y is for





…Silent Y…  



X is for…

x Yet another letter of the alphabet tough for me 🙂

From the school days, X was always the unknown 🙂 the number to search for. The equation to solve.

Following that thought – probably that’s why it meant the spot where treasure was on the pirate maps? Meaning the unknown, the promise, the riddle to solve…

In Polish language, additionally, there is a saying “postawic na kims krzyzyk” (seems close to English: “to ‘x’ someone out” but not sure if completely)- to cross someone out, to give up trying to make a decent person out of someone, or give up trying to convince someone about something 🙂


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V is for…

v Vacation.

Something I forgot how to appreciate…

When you’re stay at home mom, you’re thinking about it as the time you get to sleep in 😉 Because you do not have to get up early to prep kids to school, you can take it easy, Kids enjoy the lazy pajama mornings as well and everyone is happy.

You do not have to ask anyone if you need a time off to do a family trip.


Now I have to ask for permission to have some time with family… And that kind of sucks to be honest… Someone else gets to have a say in when and if we’re going to spend some time together…

I know,  I know, that’s normal thing, get used to that and all.

Well, I will. 🙂 Just an observation-reflection on the subject…

And our last vacation was so much fun…

Around Lake Superior – Summer Vacation 2015 —> #1. Sudbury

Around Lake Superior – Summer Vacation 2015 —> #2. St. Ignace

Around Lake Superior – Summer Vacation 2015 —> #3. Mackinac Island

Around Lake Superior – Summer Vacation 2015 —> #4. Duluth


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U – is for

uSo they called him a Unicorn. 

Not for his appearance of course – he was as much human as any next person you can see on the street.

Nor did he had any unusual abilities – unless you call reading an average of two books a day something special… (Nowadays? Are you kidding me? We live in the times of TV/PC/iPad/you-name-its. Maybe reading is unusual actually…)


Wherever he went, his presence radiated that special warmth, that went straight for the hearts of anyone around him. The warmth that, in turn, was spreading from the heart to every bit of one’s body… Right to the fingertips. And the person couldn’t help but smile. Not a fake, glued to the lips, polite smile. Nope. A very contagious, warm and cozy one. The one that, in turn, spreads further and is passed on everywhere, in the bus, in the coffee store lineup…


Unique as well as very rare…





S – is for

s Sisters.

Who fought something fierce for first 15 years of their life. We’re talking physical wrestling, scratching, biting type of fights. But stuck together like a wall when facing any “danger” from outside (a six year old sticking up to a 15 year old guy, when he was bullying her 10 year old sister).

4 Years apart, might as well be a world between them…

Everything changed 180 degree, when the older was facing an operation. A 16 years old younger sister realized that the 20 year old might be blind for life… A true life changer. From everyday fighting to best friends within a few days.

And best friends ever since.

Love you, Big Sis.