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C is for not so Curious Cat ;)

cPumpkin joined our family in September 2015. (You can read various stories about him and my other furry family members herehere and here )Never before have I had a cat. Didn’t quite know what to expect, was scared he’d start peeing all over the place (I’ve heard of the cats that would do that!) or pooping into shoes(!!!) just in spite. Conversations I pump1had with cat-owners I knew only calmed me down for a bit. Because – oh yeah, their cats might be just soooo cute, good
and litter-trained, but WHAT IF…

Yeah, those “whatifs” were killing me 🙂

Turns out – Pumpkin somehow was already litter trained (even though as I read in adoption papers, he pump2came to the shelter with his back legs covered in urine 😦 I am trying not to imagine why and how…), and almost never misses 🙂 almost never – because (gross alert!) sometimes chunks of poop sticks to his longish fur and gets out of the litter box… Well, I wouldn’t say it was his fault exactly, but we are on the look for surprises. 🙂pump3

Anyhow – to the topic now. I’ve discovered that the “curiosity killed the cat” saying is a lie!!! WHEN does he have a chance to be curious, if 3/4 of his day he
spends sleeping?? and a good chunk of the awake time – eating? 😀 Huh! Nope. Not curious 🙂

But…. Isn’t he CUTE though? 😀 😀 😀




Here I come, Nano!!!


Like I wrote before – I signed up for NaNoWriMo. That means that I’d make the most serious attempt at actually WRITING a book. Joined/registered at the site, so this is official business now…

So… What did I do so far? In the means of preparation?


IMG_2349aI got a cat.

What? Haven’t you read any of the bios of the cozy mystery authors?? Some 90+% of them have at least one cat! Or are close friends with one! Having a cat is, like, a MUST or something.
So I have (OK, it is a family cat, but haven’t it been for me – we’d not have him. There. 😛 ) Pumpkin.

Though who actually HAS whom here is still debatable…

If even my Husband lets him sleep on his own DESK? Why, lets wait a few weeks and I bet my morning coffee (yeah, that’s how certain I am!) that Pumpkin will possess  his OWN computer AND desk…IMG_2338a

BUT Pumpkin still is not allowed to sleep in any of our beds 😀 That’s how tough I am! Huh! (For how long more? Huh? 😛 )

Anyways. So I have a cat.

I also have two main characters.

And a vague idea of a plot.

Some back stories that I’d like to include…

…And I am scared.

Make it double scared…

First – I’m scared that I will not be able to finish, that the idea will turn out to be too big for me…

Second – I’m scared that I will finish… and it will turn out to be a pile of crap…


Even if so…

…I’ll still have the cat, right…?