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A – is for… Anne ;)

aOf Green Gables of course!

Do not remember when was it exactly, or how old was I when I read it for the first time… 11?12? ania_z_zielonego_wzgorza

This was the cover:

I remember when I borrowed the first “Anne” book from the library. I went there shortly after and asked for the next… and next. And then the librarian put aside all the rest of the series for me… Later on I bought the whole series . Re-read it multiple times. My Mom was laughing that I was trying to learn the whole series by heart.

And I’ve always dreamt I’d be able to read it in original one day…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA…Fast forward to year 2008 I believe… In one of the conversations with my Husband I mentioned my dream to be able to visit PEI one day… And to read the series in original… “One day? why not this summer?” He suggested… Wow…

Not only that, but I got the whole series for my birthday… and, yeah , we went to PEI in summer 2009…

… and I felt like a child again. Yup, we went with our two kiddos, just a few years old each, but honestly I was thankful for my Husband, he had the job of watching three kids that time. When I walked into Avonlea (yes, in Cavendish they made a tiny village, with original buildings from that time… school, church, stores…) I was re-living the books again. Everything came to life again…

OK so I could be writing and writing, but instead I’m just going to say – Dream away! They DO come true!!! 🙂






…the need of


being loved


his hand in mine

and little hands…


tickle of the
bunny whiskers on my lap


sweet and salty
taste of tears…


not enough time

in life

to name them all…

This post was written for Day 3 of the NaBloPoMo challenge 😀