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lost my muse?

Not that nothing happens in life – lots happens.

I just, I don’t know, can’t keep up?

Or, more precisely, have I caught the “what’s-the-point”-bug…?

No idea.

I know I’ll be back… Maybe sooner than later, I don’t know.

Writing this just in case someone would be passing by and wonder…




Tasteless Salt – my not so Valentine’s Day thoughts… ;)

“You are salt for the earth. But if salt loses its taste, how will it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled on by people.”(Mt 5:13)

From the Words of Jesus, I’ve heard few Sundays ago in church… And no (sadly) -not always the words will stick in my head for the next day even, let alone few weeks. This time it did. Somehow I’ve discovered that it can have tremendous meaning even for atheists.
We are the salt for the earth. Our lives, in their cores, all have sense. All are important. We’re put on this earth to be meaningful. One priest that I greatly respect, said once something (and that was over 20 years ago!) in his homily: do not ever say your life is worthless or meaningless. You never know, if one day walking to work, you smile to someone in passing. Someone who was at the bottom of  his life, desperately searching for a sign that the life is not all bad and cruel… Who knows, that little smile of yours could have made his day…

But to be that salt… Imagine being that spice in someone’s life, that changes everything for better. Your smile, a hug, a good word. Little things.
Bigger ones as well. We’re not to be the ones to “go with the flow”. Have our own “moral spine”, and know how to defend it… To truly Love people doesn’t mean to agree for everything and anything they do…

Just not let your life to become tasteless… but if you do notice it – go back. Back to what makes sense, what makes you – you; the unique, beautiful person you really are… 🙂


Logging the Lag…

Not proud of such a long non-writing period… had so many ideas, especially while running. I thought I’d continue my story, started way back almost 2 years ago… Then Christmas came and I thought for sure I’d have some time to write at least some Christmas wishes… Nope. Didn’t happen.

Life happened though. I had my very first at work evaluation and that wasn’t pretty. I felt like a huge roller went over me and squished me down  to the ground. Got blamed for stuff wasn’t my fault. Things got thrown at me, stuff I failed at, only that I hadn’t idea those were my duties. Tried to defend myself, only to get shut up by the boss. Oh there was a positive I’ve heard. I’ve got potential. Just after that, so it won’t build any hope – there was a “but”. “You’ve got potential, but you’re not using it”.

Enough to say it took me over 2 weeks  to get up. Next few to find my motivation again. Because, Mr.Boss, negative motivation is, in fact “anti-motivation”. You should know that by now.


My running suffered, my reading took a hit as well. I failed to reach 60 books for 2016. Yet another failure. And another.

But I’m getting back. To running (though just 1-2 times a week so far…), to reading (aiming for 60 again, am 2 books ahead so far 😉 ).
And – hopefully to writing 🙂

So – hope to write again soon! (Info in case there still will be anyone to read it 😉 )


Busy thoughts…


Lots of happening. G00d, bad and so-so. And stuff that was both. In a short period of time. Like the time when my Big Sis came to visit (haven’t seen her in 2 years). Great 2 weeks. And then she had to go home. Boo.

Party number one, two and who knows.

June that came packed with action to the brim.

May that passed who knows where…

But all was beat into pieces, when the news came from across the ocean…

One of my high-school bestie’s husband died in a car crash.

As in died – was killed… I mean, come on? 42? Calm, not drinking, happy and happily married? Father of 3? HIM?

So of course the question was – how in the world….???

The answer so stupid. Heart problems. Most likely heart attack behind the steering wheel. Two boys in the car came out of it with no major damage – a broken leg and some scratches. Bruises probably as well. No other car was involved. Just like him, living in a way that nobody gets hurt. Dying…

Except that now his Wife and Kids are hurt big time.

And the Twin Brother, who was supposed to be the one to go there and then, on that trip, with these boys…

She showed up on FB the other day… And I was just choking up…

I mean – what do you say to a person (nevermind that that person is a friend…) whose world just crushed into bits? Nothing came to my mind anyways 😦

Except that I let her know I’m here. Far away, but as close as the click of the keyboard and internet connection…

Hate being so helpless…