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lost my muse?

Not that nothing happens in life – lots happens.

I just, I don’t know, can’t keep up?

Or, more precisely, have I caught the “what’s-the-point”-bug…?

No idea.

I know I’ll be back… Maybe sooner than later, I don’t know.

Writing this just in case someone would be passing by and wonder…




food chain…


Not sure what is it… a hawk?

As I was walking into my kitchen, I glanced through the sliding door, to the back yard. At first I wondered what can it be, that huge bird under the evergreen? Then I noticed it was some hawk-like creature. THEN I noticed it was stomping on something…

Turned out to be a pigeon.

Once he killed it, he tried to take it into his claws and fly up.

Well. He flew up, but lost the pigeon at the height of the fence…

The pigeon is still there :/

If I’ll say I won’t be crying, does that make me a bad person?