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bBeyond… #6

Long, long time ago (just about 2 years I believe!) I started writing something. Not quite sure what was it to be honest, lets just say simply: a story.

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Is it the same cabin?’ – a crazy thought shot through Anise’s head. ‘Impossible. I walked and walked, probably for hours!’ She looked around… there was a man sitting on that same chair, that was tipped over… or was it a similar house? But then how many log cabins can there be on this little island???

‘You’re safe now’.

Anise jumped and a little scream slipped out of her mouth. The man had very gentle voice. And very warm smile. The unkempt hair was long and seemed to be connected with the beard, all in the same, dark brown shade, speckled with single gray hair. He had a big white rabbit on his lap.

Seriously, what’s with those rabbits?

The man pointed at one of the chairs, inviting her to sit down.
‘It’s okay. Don’t be afraid. I meant no harm. But it wasn’t safe for you to be here before…’

All of a sudden she felt tired, and thought that sitting wasn’t actually a bad idea… Anise looked at the man with questions in her big,calm eyes.
‘But those two…’ she started, but stopped immediately. How was she to ask about the two bodies in the cabin… And was it the same cabin they are in now?

The man got up of the chair and went to the far corner of the room they were sitting in. It seemed as if that was the kitchen corner, with a little wood-burning stove in the middle of it. He took the kettle of the stove and poured the water into two mugs. As he brought them to the table Anise was sitting at, she saw there was something written on them. Carefully the man put the mugs in front of her. ‘Truth’ and ‘Future’ – that’s what was written on the mugs.

‘You have to make your choice, Anise’ – the man said.

‘How do you know my name?’- Anise asked, too surprised to be scared.

‘Can’t tell you before you make your choice’. The man’s voice was very gentle but firm at the same time.

‘Can you tell me your name? Since you know mine…’ Anise didn’t plan on bargaining, just thought it was only fair, since he knows her name…

‘My name is Abe.’

Why does this name sound familiar? Where have she heard it before?

‘Do I know you…?’ she whispered.

‘Your choice, Anise’ Abe persisted.

She looked into his eyes as if she’d expect to find the answer… There was something familiar in them… She felt strangely safe in his presence. Couldn’t explain why, but she had the impression she knew him forever…

Anise looked at the mugs again and reached her hand…



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serial (not necessarily) killers… ;)

What I love about reading book series is that, in most cases, each time a new one “pops out” (I am not sure the Authors would agree on that one, but lets just take it as a figure of speech 😉 ) and I put my hands on it, when I open – it is as if I had a meeting with some old friends. Yes, I am that kind of a reader which gets (overly?) involved in each book she’s reading. That’s probably why it is not wise for me to read any horror stories – pretty sure it would be a heart attack waiting to happen. But it is also a reason why, when I do write a review, it is a truthfully heartfelt one… I find it hard to read late at night – I have a family and I value their sleep too much to risk waking them up with either my cry, laugh or scream 🙂

I absolutely love it when I get caught up in a series – meaning: I’ve read all the books the Author wrote in a given series and wait for the next one… Well. In most cases I wait pretty patiently – hoping the Author will not make me wait too long. But that is OK – it gives me a chance to… get caught up in other series and/or to find a new one, worth catching up 😀


Long time ago, while living on a different half of the globe, I was dreaming of becoming a writer one day… A poet at first… then a writer maybe… Did try to write to a local newspaper – even had a series of articles published. The Fate wanted me to change my language from my native to English and there went the confidence… The thought of being a writer went to sleep and was sleeping for a few years… Something happened just recently though, and it starts to wake up 🙂 As I was an avid reader my whole life, I thought reading books and writing reviews could be a start… so here I am 😀