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P – is for Police… (or: Deadly Veggies – part three…)


P – is for Police… (and poop, but shhhh… it might not be polite to mention poop in the title of the story…) As mentioned above – this is third part of the story, previous ones can be read here: #1 and here: #2

“Mama! What’s with all the police over at Mrs. W’s?!” door slamming followed that sentence, and there was a sound of a little earthquake coming from the hallways. Kids are back from school. I sighed. There is no way I’d collect my thoughts right now.
“And hello to you too, guys” I said just a tad annoyed. I wish they had it in them to say “hi” first, but – well. They are teenagers after all.
“Oh. Yeah. So what is it? Did she get sick or something?” that came from my older son, Vic, who just recently announced he wants to be a doctor. Or a paramedic. Or a firefighter. Or… you get the picture.
“Betcha it was something worse than that!” that was Mel, always alert and on the lookout for sensation. “Haven’t you seen the tape? Someone mustof got hurt really badly there! I betcha someone got killed! Mama?” all those words spilled out of my baby… My gosh, when did she grow up so much?
“Wash your hands and come to the kitchen for some snack” was all I could squeeze out of myself at the moment.
“Thumper seems to be acting weird Mama, what happened to him? Did he poop today at all?” leave it to your teenagers,and the poop-talk comes out naturally. Well. Leave it to the bunny-lovers, they can talk bunny-poop* for hours.
“He did, and he might seem to be a bit nervous because… well…” how to tell your kids that their pet-bunny just discovered a body? Of our own neighbour nonetheless? “He had sort of an… adventure today. On his walk.” was all I could manage at the moment. “So how was your school?” I was desperate for the change of subject.
“Oh, it was great, we had that photography sessions today, did you know what ISO stands for, and also that you should use the fill in flash when taking pictures outside with people in and out of shade…” today all that Mel’s blabber was pretty soothing I had to admit. I needed Greg. ASAP. Why wasn’t he home yet anyways? Was supposed to be working early shift…
“OK guys, here’s the thing.” I decided to tell them and get it over with. “Mrs. Winterly… well… she passed away.” I exhaled loudly. My kids’ eyes got really round.
“Whaaa?…” “How is that…?” “Why?” Couldn’t figure out who is asking what so I decided to wait.
Vic opened his mouth… and closed it again. I could tell he had something on his mind but then he looked at Mel and decided to skip the thought. Mel wasn’t the one to keep quiet though.”I bet those people at 533 had something to do with it! I knew they’re evil!”
Say what? “Now, Mel, no need to throw accusations that you can’t support with any facts. What do you have against that nice people at 533?” I asked.
“Nice? Humph! Have you seen them? Have you spoken to them??? And have you seen their huge beasts!?” she was spitting those words with an amazing speed. Was public speaking the latest of her dreams ?
“What do you mean – beasts?”
“Overgrown dobermans! Five of them! I mean – is it even allowed?”
Wasn’t sure actually, would have to check the bylaws? I mean, I knew you can have two chicken or two ducks in your yard, but is there a limit on the amount of dogs?hmm
“Well, even so, that does not mean they have anything to do with Mrs. W’s untimely passing” OK now I knew I was in shock. There is no way I’d be speaking that way under normal circumstances!
“Mel, don’t you have a homework to do?” Vic asked quietly. I looked at him suspiciously. He was unusually calm…
“None of your…” started Mel
“Mel!” I warned.
“okay okay, I am going! Why do the teachers always give so much homework, when life is so much more interesting! I mean, what if I wanted to be a detective one day? Right here, there is a murder…”
“Whoa whoa whoa, I did not say…” I started
“Oh c’mon Mama, are you trying to tell me that 4 cop cars are guarding the house where an elderly woman passed away of no suspicious reasons?” Mel threw at us stomping up the stairs.
Phew. I looked at Vic. “What is going on?” I asked quietly.
“I’m not sure Mama… But there might be something in what Mel is saying… There are new people at 533. Have you noticed how many cars are always parked around there? I mean, before there were like, maybe 2, and a visitor now and then. Now there is 4 and they are not the same ones…”
“How do you know these things Vic?” I asked carefully.
“Well, there is that new kid in our class, few days ago he came to me after school, and we talked. Turns out his crazy uncle moved in there, and Paul knows that he’s up to no good… He was in prison for some drug stuff Mama. I did not want to tell you so you’d not freak out…”
“Language!” really? The kid is spitting his guts to me and I care about “freaking out?” ugh. I hate myself sometimes.
“Anyways. Think I should go tell cops?” Vic asked me with some fear in his eyes.
How was I supposed to know what to do? Sweet carrots and kale, nobody I knew ever ended up with a weird shaped hole in  their neck! And veggies scattered all over them!
“You know what kid, we’ll just wait for Daddy to come home.OK? Go wash up and do some homework or read or something”. I needed some 5 minutes to think of a dinner… I should have some meatballs still in the freezer. Meatballs, tomato sauce, sour pickle and spaghetti. Good.
I jumped at scratching noise from the door. “Honey I’m home!” I smiled as I heard that old phrase. As cheesy as it was – I loved it and never grew tired of hearing it 🙂
“Don’t want to scare you Hon, but there is whole bunch of..” I thew myself at my handsome husband and kissed him I think more passionately than usually. “I’m so happy you’re home Greg. Mrs. Winterly is dead, all those veggies around her, and Thumper found her and Officer Skinny was asking questions, and Boris is acting up weird and Vic says there are weird people there and…” I think I lost my breath around that moment and felt a bit funny, my legs got weird feeling in them… Good that Greg noticed that and held me a bit closer to make sure I did not fall down.
“Hold it right there. Slow down. Start from the beginning. But sit down first and finish that cup of coffee… Here, let me nuke it for you…”
I did not have a chance to fill him in, when there was another knock at the door. I think I`ll start hating that sound…
After Officer Skinny…ekhem… Round wrote down my husbands name (and I had some fun as he choked a bit again when he heard Grzegorz Grzegorzewsky… I think he gave up on our last name after all… ).
In the meantime Vic came downstairs, “Mel is listening to the music with her headphones on” he said to me. Well, it does not matter, she’ll find out soon enough.
As Vic repeated everything he knew to the officer, sudden thought hit me: “What if… ” I started. Six pairs of eyes turned at me in one second. Talking about synchronizing… “I mean I don’t know, but I do not believe Mrs. W was involved with drugs” I said confidently. Then I remembered the leash and harness thing. And that I forgot to mention that to anyone… And the whole Boris weird behaviour… And the fact that Boris’ house number was 534… And Mrs. Winterly’s 535… I’ve had enough.
After all – Boris was not my family plus I wasn’t sworn to secrecy or anything, and for the love of carrots, will this all just go away?
I was just finishing up telling Officer Round all I knew (so what it all did not make sense to me, I was desperate to make it all go away! I wanted my normal, peaceful life back!) there was a loud scream and rapping at the door. Officer Round jumped to his feet, and lounged for the door, even though nobody was racing him. As he swung the door open… someone fell right into our hallway like a sack of potatoes! What the….
“Oh my…” Greg whispered, his face suddenly turning white as a sheet of paper “it’s Boris…”

* It is a fact. Ask any bunny-loving person and they will tell you exactly what shape, colour, consistence and size their bunny’s droppings are at the moment, what changes in the poop to watch for, how dangerous bunny diarrhea is… and that’s just the beginning. I once talked bunny poop issues with another bunny-mom for over 90 minutes. And we stopped just because  we realized we`re talking poop for over 90 minutes…

find out what happened next here – #4


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